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Smart Lock Installation

Install Keypad and Keyless Entry Lock

Are you seeking a professional locksmith to provide you with services installing, setting up, or guiding you through the purchase of smart locks for your home or business? Quickey Locksmith’s expert technicians are well versed and highly experienced in all locksmith services pertaining to smart locks. Our company is licensed, bonded, and insured. Whether you bought a smart lock already and just need installation and setup, or have no idea where to begin and need to learn what your options and expected costs are, Quickey Locksmith is available to assist you from A to Z. Quickey Locksmith is a local Charleston Locksmith Service, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can read about our services, read our testimonials, and learn more about our company on our About page. 

Why Is a Smart Lock Worth It?

 Most consumers are surprised to learn that smart locks do not have to be costly. They are often very affordable with prices ranging from $85 – $900 for Commercial Locks with Biometric Access and more advanced features. Some smart locks are designed only to be more convenient with modern features such as voice control, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility, coded entry, access from your smart device, one time codes, biometric entry, one button rekey and more. On top of all those fantastic features, more advanced smart locks also have upgraded security over standard deadbolts. With alarm connectivity, durable industrial grade deadbolts and more, they can be the ultimate option for high security and time saving convenience. All these features are why they have become the top choice for commercial lock solutions.

Smart Lock Installation in Charleston SC

Because smart locks have such wide variety in their features, many customers want to purchase a specific one that has caught their eye, but do not have the ability to change the lock that is already on their door and do not know how to set up the features. A lot of locksmiths do not know how as well. At Quickey Locksmith we have vast experience installing and setting up commercial and residential smart locks. We offer highly competitive installation fees and guarantee our work. Many smart locks can be quite pricey and we know that you will only want a true expert to do the service.

Pros and Cons of Installing Smart Locks at Your Property

Among others, the biggest pros are:
• Often smart locks have heightened security features such as alarm connectivity and cameras.
• If you are running a property management or hospitality operation, they are almost an absolute “must” for saving time.
• You are much less likely to get locked out.
• Hands free unlocking.
• Never lose your keys.
• Smart Locks are often more expensive than a standard deadbolt and doorknob.
• If you do not have the budget for a good smart lock, you may compromise on getting a high security lock only for smart features.
• After getting a smart lock on one home, if you ever move or have a second home, you may get spoiled and not be able to go back to an old deadbolt and doorknob, fumbling around for your keys, and possibly losing them.

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