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Car Key Replacement in James Island SC

Quite often, we receive calls from customers who want to know how the process of getting a car key replacement, works. We decided to write a brief example of a job we did yesterday, as well as answer a few frequently asked questions, to help out our customers and let them learn what to expect when they call a locksmith in Charleston.

What To Do When You Need a Car Key Fob Replacement For Lincoln In James Island SC

Yesterday, we received a call from a customer in James Island who had lost his only Lincoln MKX 2019 car key. The key was push to start and he was concerned that he might have to tow to a dealership and pay far more as he was not sure if a locksmith would be able to assist him. We reassured him that yes, at Quickey Locksmith we can replace a push to start key and replace keys when all are lost, just like the dealership but for far less. We gave him a price over the phone, he agreed to it, and then we sent a skilled locksmith to his location in a marked car.

The locksmith gave the customer a call with his ETA as soon as he headed over to him, in this case the ETA given was 10 minutes and the locksmith arrived in 9 minutes. He took down the customer’s ID and registration to confirm ownership and programmed him a brand new OEM Lincoln MKX 2019 smart key, and cut an emergency key for him as well. The new key was finished within 10 minutes of the locksmith arriving at the customer’s location. The customer was informed that he would not have to pay until he confirms that the key started his car, which it did and so the customer paid by credit card.

The customer was satisfied and called us back today to rekey the locks on his car as he is concerned that someone may have found his key. A locksmith is at his house in Isle of Palms right now rekeying the car for him.

We are most often asked the questions below.
Can a car be rekeyed?
Yes, we can rekey a car, a house lock, a commercial lock, you name it!
Are your car keys OEM or aftermarket?
We offer both options.
How long does it take for a locksmith to come to me?
We have mobile locksmiths working throughout Charleston County, so when we get your location, we send the nearest locksmith to you to minimize your wait time.
We hope that answered your questions. If not, give us a call and our friendly team here at Quickey Locksmith will be happy to assist you!