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Lock Re-Key Services

Quickey Locksmith is available 24/7 to provide Tri-County residents with top notch rekey services. You may be wondering what rekey is. Rekey is when a professional opens the lock cylinder and replaces the pins so that old keys will no longer work, and the new key will open the lock. You may ask, why would someone need a rekey service? There are a lot of reasons, among them are if you lost a key at some point and someone may have access to your home, you had tenants, you moved into a new home, you lost all your house keys, you had to evict a tenant, had to fire an employee, lost your car door, glove compartment, or trunk key, and more. We are here to provide you with automotive, commercial, and residential rekey services.

Auto Lock Cylinder Rekeying Services

When an ignition is changed, sometimes the ignition key no longer matches the door key. In that case people end up with a different door key from their ignition key. So, when the door key is lost, rekey may be the best option. Another reason people need to rekey their vehicle is if the key was stolen.

Commercial and Residential Locks Rekey

Rather than change locks, the more affordable option is sometimes to simply rekey them. You may have never thought about it before, but unless you are the first occupant of your home or business, it is highly likely that others have a copy of your key. On the flip side, if you just moved into a home or business, you may want to change the locks altogether. How to decide? You need to check your locks and see if they are in good condition and if they are high quality locks to begin with and decide if they are worth rekeying or if it is better to just replace them. We offer lock evaluation services. Additionally, if you have a home or business or filing cabinets with multiple locks and each one uses a different key, you could make your life a lot easier by rekeying the locks to all be one key.

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