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Residential Locksmith services

Charleston Residential Locksmith

Are you seeking a reliable and affordable professional locksmith service in the Charleston area? Quickey Locksmith is a local, licensed, bonded, and insured locksmith service, providing automotive, residential, and commercial locksmith services for residents and business owners in the Charleston Metro Area. We are committed to keeping our prices low and our service quality high. We provide a 30 day guarantee to our parts and services. All our locksmiths are highly trained and possess state of the art tools and machines, and high quality locks and keys. Outlined below, are a few of the residential locksmith services we offer, among many others. You can call us anytime for your next residential locksmith service at (843) 994-3994.

Residential Lock Change

Changing your locks can be a great idea for a lot of reasons. Some are more obvious such as if your locks are rusty, corroded, worn out, or it takes several turns of the lock cylinder to unlock the door. These are urgent lock change needs as you will not want to get locked out next time and be waiting outside for a locksmith. Other times it can simply be because the lock is unsightly, outdated, or you wish to upgrade to a high security lock, or smart lock with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Amazon Alexa and Google Voice Connectivity, or Biometric access. Lock technology has made leaps and bounds in the last 15 years. There is now a wide variety of high security and modern options to choose from and many of them can be bought within a tight budget.

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Residential Locks Rekey Services

Sometimes it is not necessary to change locks to reach a customer’s security goals. If your lock is in good condition, but you need to change the key that opens it, rekeying can be a very affordable alternative to lock change. Rekeying is a good solution to a lot of problems.
Among them are:
• You have a lot of keys for your locks and want them all to use the same key.
• You lost a key and do not know who may have access to your home.
• You recently moved in or switched tenants.
The best part about rekey service is it is a cheap locksmith service.

Locked Out Of House

Getting locked out of your own home is frustrating and can even be dangerous. You might have food on the stove, or a fireplace lit or anything else that should not be unsupervised. Fortunately, for fast locksmith service, you can call Quickey Locksmith at any time of day or night, holiday or weekend and we will get a locksmith to you in an average of 15 minutes and unlock your door.

Key Stuck in Lock and Need Key Extraction

Are you unable to get your key out of lock cylinder? While this is a very frustrating moment, there is a fast and cheap solution. Call us and one of our expert locksmiths will use state of the art tools to remove the key without damaging your lock.

Safe Opening and Installation and Mailbox Lock Change

Using high grade machines and tools and backed by years of training and experience, our locksmiths can open even the most secure safe. We also install any safe from the largest types to the smallest. What could be more frustrating than not having access to you own mail? If you have no key to your mailbox because you never got one, or you lost it, for low cost, we will change your lock.

Smart Locks and Security Plating

Smart locks have become all the rage. Why? Because they are often high security, affordable, and they have ultra convenient features. There is a wide variety of smart locks. Some work with one time codes for contractors, babysitters, and other one time visitors you wish to give access to, some use biometric access for high security, some are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant and use voice control to make your life that much easier. Many connect to an alarm system and allow you to view on your phone, computer, tablet, who is at your door through a camera. Even better, a lot of them allow you to rekey or change codes with the push of a button meaning if someone once learned the access code, it can be changed quickly and easily to prevent entry. If you have small children, it can be highly convenient to get an alarm notification if the door opens and view on a camera, especially if you have a pool. Security plating is a classic and cheap solution to make it harder to jimmy a lock. Sometimes it only takes a simple solution to increase your home security.

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Lock and Security Solutions For Your Home

Locksmith Services to Raise Property Value Before Sale Or Lease
If you are looking to get top dollar on the sale or lease of your home, it may be a good idea to modernize your outdoor and indoor locks and doorknobs. Although most people do not think of it, the first thing a prospective buyer or tenant sees when they come to a home is the front door lock. If it looks dirty, dingy, worn down, old, or unsightly in any way, it registers with the prospective buyer or tenant that this property is old and not well maintained. It can be a cheap and quick fix to update to more modern and stylish options. The same is true of indoor doorknobs and locks. If they are mismatched, or old, or rusted, they will make the home look unkempt and make a negative impression. Getting matching doorknobs and interior locks is a highly affordable service that can make a huge difference in the look of your home.
Call us at any time of day or night, weekend, or holiday, and get a price quote on locksmith service in Charleston. We are happy to sit down with you and make a custom security plan tailored to your specific needs and within your budget. If you are still not sure that we are the best locksmith service in Charleston, check out our reviews!