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How to choose a Commercial Locksmith

As a business owner who has invested countless hours and capital into making your business successful, you are not about to let your investment become at risk due to choosing an amateur locksmith or purchasing low grade locks vs high security commercial locks. However, you do have a budget that you need to stay within while still seeking the best lock and security solutions for your business that you can get within your budget. Due to all these factors, it is of utmost importance that you choose a commercial locksmith with the necessary skills, insurance, and experience. Below, we outlined a few tips to help guide you in your search for a competent and affordable commercial locksmith.

1. References are Extremely Important.

Anyone can say they have experience as a commercial locksmith. And while that may be true, the extent of their experience may not be enough for the job you need done. For example, if a locksmith has experience unlocking commercial locks, but you need a mortise lock fresh installation into glass and metal, their experience and tool stock, may simply not cut it. So, it is very important to request references from previous jobs that were similar to your own needs.

2. Insurance Must Cover Commercial Locksmith Jobs, and The Locksmith Service Must Be Responsible for Any Damage Caused to Your Property.

Even the most skilled locksmith can break the glass on your door when doing a fresh lock installation. It would be absurd if you had to pay to fix it. Before you engage the services of a professional locksmith, it is highly recommended to ensure that the locksmith’s insurance covers the commercial locksmith jobs and that if damage is caused, the locksmith service will be responsible to fix it and quickly.

3. Check Prices.

In most cases, for commercial locksmith jobs, the lock and key expert will have to see the locks and door to give an exact quote. But you can definitely get price ranges in advance and also check what the locksmith’s fee for coming out to look is. Make sure you are not getting set up for surprise fees.

4. Read Reviews, Check Corporate Registration and Search Google.

If you are looking at a costly job or engaging a locksmith to be your go-to commercial locksmith, it is worth the time to search the web, check reviews, check Sunbiz and make sure this is a corporation that is in good standing. You do not want to find out later that there have been complaints or that the company has many negative reviews.

We hope these few tips have been helpful. As always, Quickey Locksmith is here to help you with any commercial, residential, and automotive locksmith needs. We are always happy to share references, corporate standing, insurance, provides guarantees on our work and parts, and give price ranges upfront. We Quickey Locksmith work in the Greater Charleston South Carolina metro area and we are happy to serve you to the best of our ability.