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Why It Is Important to Change Your Locks When You Move In to A New Property

Most people already know that it is a “must” to change the locks when you buy a home, but often they do not know why. Only that it is an assumed practice. In this short article we will explain a few reasons why.
You bought a house that had previous occupants and someone else may have access to your home. Most home buyers are buying homes that have been previously occupied. That means the previous owners, any tenants, or previous guests may have a key. That is the most obvious issue. 

You bought a brand new, just built home.

You may wonder, why would you need to change the locks on a new construction home? Well, builders are builders. Not locksmiths, and not the people living in the home and therefore researching the best locks and caring about the efficacy. Most contractors do not even consider the importance of locks because they are consumed with the parts of the job that they are expert in. So, they generally order the most standard, low security locks on the market in bulk and install them in all the houses they are building in the plan. Problem number one is a builder likely has a key. Problem two is you just bought a brand new home and have a low security lock when you could have high security or better yet a smart lock with advanced features.

Upgrading from standard Locks to exceptional

Why settle for less? If your new home has an old style, classic deadbolt, and doorknob, you can change it to anything from a high security deadbolt to a smart lock. Inexpensively, you can get biometric, voice-controlled locks, smart features such as alarm connectivity, one time entry codes for help or contractors, remote viewing from your smart device, and more. Many of the smart locks connect to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

What if you do not have the budget for lock change?

Sometimes you can simply rekey your locks and save money on lock change while achieving somewhat heightened security. Lock Rekeying is when a locksmith changes the pins inside your lock cylinder to make it work with a different key while preserving the original lock. This is only doable if the lock is still in working condition and has not been irreparably damaged by an attempted or successful break in, rust, or corrosion.

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