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Car Unlock Services

Cheap Car Lockout Service

Quickey Locksmith is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist the greater Charleston metro residents who need their car unlocked. We are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured local business. All our technicians have been trained to the point of expertise and passed criminal background checks. At Quickey Locksmith, we understand what an extremely stressful situation it is to be locked out of your vehicle. It might be raining, 100 degrees out, maybe you have somewhere you have to be, your missing work, whatever the situation, you definitely do not have time in your day to be locked out of your car. Understanding your frustration, we keep our customer wait time as low as possible.

Emergency Car Lockout Service

Sometimes people find themselves locked out because their key breaks or is stuck in the door but not turning the cylinder or is lost or stolen. We offer car key replacement and duplication services as well as key extraction and if the cylinder in the door lock needs to be replaced, we offer that service as well. With push to start key fobs sometimes the emergency key is not cut, and the car stops detecting the key so you are locked out and cannot run your car even if you get in. Do not despair, Quickey Locksmith is here to help.

Locked Out Of Car Assistance

We will send a tech to open your door, program you a new key and cut an emergency key for you so you never find yourself in this situation again. A vital mistake we have seen customers make was attempting to get a locked car open with a metal hanger or screwdriver and damaging the lock on the door beyond repair. Needless to say, it costs more to fix the door lock than to unlock the car. Do not risk damaging your car by attempting to get in yourself or hiring an amateur. Read our reviews and give us a call, we will not disappoint.

Car lockout service