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If you are seeking a full service, licensed, bonded, and insured, car locksmith in Charleston, you could not make a better choice than to choose Quickey Locksmith. Quickey Locksmith is a local, automotive, commercial, and residential 24 hour locksmith company. Backed by years of experience, a team of highly trained and experienced locksmiths, work vans that are fully stocked with state of the art machines, tools, parts, and OEM and aftermarket car keys, we are ready for anything. You can expect fast locksmith service when you call us. We are committed to doing business in an honest and transparent manner. That is why when you call us, we will provide you with a price estimate and ETA before sending a locksmith to your location. We accept payment in the form of credit card and cash to make the process easier for our customers. At Quickey Locksmith, our goal is to provide residents and business owners in the Charleston Metro Area, with cheap locksmith services, while keeping our quality of work exceptional. Below we will provide you with a few samples of the car locksmith services we provide among others.

Car Key Replacement Charleston

Unbeknownst to most people, when they lose their only car key, there is an option that is cheaper than the dealership. Furthermore, better than the dealership. The negatives of the dealership are that you first need to pay to tow your car to them, then pay them an exorbitant fee for a new key, they will keep your car for at least a day, and they are only available Monday through Friday, 9 to 5 and not everyone is lucky enough to lose their car keys in that specific time frame. Quickey Locksmith is better because firstly, we come to you so there is no towing fee plus the extra convenience, getting a new key made by us is far less expensive, you will have access to your car immediately, and we are available 24/7 including holidays and weekends. We are often asked if a customer needs to go to the dealership if it is a push to start proximity smart key, a European car key, or a brand new car key. Fortunately, the answer is yes, we can still make you a new car key if it is a push to start, European, or brand new car.

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Car Key Cutting and Programming

Quickey Locksmith offers professional car key cutting and programming services for car key duplication, replacement, or if you bought a key online, we can cut and program it for you for a highly competitive rate. We can cut and program VATS, Reflash Keys, Push to Start Proximity Smart Keys, European Cars, and more.

Ignition Change and Repair and Car Key Extraction

If you are having issues with your ignition, you can just call us at Quickey Locksmith, and we will diagnose and repair or replace your ignition. Most people are unaware that if a car key is stuck in the ignition, messing around with it and trying to extract it without the correct tools can cause irreparable damage to your ignition. If your key is stuck, call us and using the correct tools, we will extract the key without damaging your ignition. It goes without saying that of course it is far more costly to replace your ignition than it is to simply extract a key.

Car Unlock Services

Getting locked out of your car can be anything from an annoying inconvenience to a dangerous situation. Or you could be missing a flight, family event, or appointment. Regardless of what the situation is, you definitely have something better to be doing than standing outside locked out of your own car. At Quickey Locksmith we understand that getting locked out of your car requires emergency locksmith service. That is why we make customers who are locked out a top priority and provide fast locksmith services. If you are locked out because you lost your key or the key was stolen, we can replace your key and / or rekey or change your locks.

Car Rekey and Lock Change

There are several reasons why it could be a good idea to rekey your car locks or change them altogether. Among them are:
• You changed your ignition and now the door, trunk, and glove compartment keys no longer match the ignition key.
• You lost the only key that opens your door.
• Your car key was stolen, and someone may have access to your car.
• The locks were jimmied causing damage and need to be changed.
• The locks have rusted beyond salvation.
We offer car lock change and rekey services for affordable prices, and using high quality tools and locks, we will perform the job without damaging your vehicle.

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18 Wheeler Tractor Trailer Locksmith Services

If you drive a tractor trailer or 18 wheeler and need locksmith services, and called a few locksmiths, you have probably learned that most do not have the keys in stock to assist you, or the parts to assist if you are locked out. Fortunately, you can call us at Quickey Locksmith, and we will be happy and able to assist with your locksmith needs.

RV Locksmith Services

If you lost the only key to your RV, or you are locked out, Quickey Locksmith can help you. You probably already know that most locksmith services do not have locksmiths with experience handling the needs of an RV, the good news is, we at Quickey Locksmith are fully equipped to help you.

Lost All Keys Motorcycle

In most cases if you lost the only key to your motorcycle, we will be able to assist you quickly and affordably. Call us for pricing and availability of your motorcycle key.

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Complete Automotive Locksmith And Key Maker

If you are still not sure that Quickey Locksmith is the best Automotive Locksmith in the Charleston Metro Area, we encourage you to read our reviews, and call us for recommendations from previous customers, or just ask around the area. We are proud of the reputation we have worked hard to build throughout Charleston.