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Lock Replacement

Lock Replacement Service

High quality locks should not need to be replaced. They should last a lifetime, but sometimes people find that their home has low grade locks that are ineffective, rusty, corroded, or worn down. Or you could have perfectly good locks but what was the best 20 years ago is no longer and is no longer the highest security option. After all, as much as lock and key technology has made leaps and bounds, break in technology and techniques have leaped and bounded at the same rate. There is now a plethora of high security and high-tech lock options available to consumers. We offer installation and setup for classic deadbolts and doorknobs, indoor locks, smart locks, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Nest, voice-controlled locks, biometric, keyless entry, combo, keypads, and more for residential and commercial locks throughout Charleston, Berkeley And Dorchester Counties.

Residential Lock Change

Residential Locks are often replaced due to being low quality, rusted, corroded, or worn down, but many times it is because the lock has been damaged due to an attempted or successful break in. They are often replaced for aesthetic reasons as well, for example if all the locks throughout the home are different, it can be unsightly, or customers discover that they can raise the value of the home by getting more modern looking locks and doorknobs installed. Of course, heightening security is always highly recommended and often a major factor in the decision to change locks.

Commercial and Residential Lock Installation

Quickey Locksmith provides expert commercial lock replacement including master keys, push / panic bars, smart locks and more. Your business is only as good as it’s security. If you are starting to notice your lock getting stuck call us and we will have a professional tech evaluate your locks to see if they can be repaired or need to be replaced. It is always best to catch these issues early so that you do not find yourself locked out of your business due to the lock breaking and losing customers. Additionally, if your locks are not up to industry standard for commercial locks, your business is highly vulnerable. Call us today for a quote for lock replacement.

Lock Replacement Service