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How to Get a Car Key Replaced Without Spending a Fortune

It is a hard day when you have lost your only car key, but it does not have to cost you a month’s rent to replace it. And you would be surprised, but many of our customers have told us that they have spent more than a month’s rent in the past when they lost their only car key because they did not know they had any better option than towing their car to the dealership and paying an exorbitant fee for a new key, and sometimes waiting weeks for the key to be ordered and the job done before they could even get their car back. We decided to write a short guide to help you save money on car key replacement.

What To Do If Your Car Key Is Broken

If the key blade cracked unfortunately the only thing you can do is get the key replaced and the locksmith will not have a blade to copy the cut from so it will be a pricier. If your key blade broke off of the fob, you can call a locksmith and have him make a new key copying the cut from the blade which will save you money. In the case that the head of the key was crushed but the blade is intact, it can also be copied from. Sometimes cars do not detect a push to start proximity smart key and the customer assumes that all they can do is replace the key. Before calling a locksmith, try holding the fob right up to the starter and see if after a few tries the car starts. If it does, you may only need to change your battery. Never put a broken key blade in the ignition as that can permanently damage the ignition resulting in a costly repair.

What To Do If You Lost Your Only Car Key

First, calm down and reenact what you usually do with car keys if you were coming in with groceries, or were in a hurry or whatever was your most recent situation last time you used your keys. If you have a child or pet who may have played with the keys you will have to look everywhere, but do not panic, it may only take an hour or so to find it. If you have not found it after an hour, call a locksmith who will come to you, so you do not have to pay for towing. Make sure that the locksmith gives you at least a price range before coming and lets you know what your maximum charge is. Ask if there are additional fees for using a credit card or any other additional fee. You need to know about any fees upfront. Next ask the locksmith service if there is a guarantee. If there is not, hang up and call the next locksmith.

We hope this guide was helpful, as always you can call us for 24 hour Car Key Replacement and other locksmith Services in Charleston South Carolina.