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Commercial Lock Change

Business Lock Change Services

After staying pretty much the same for hundreds of years, lock and key technology has made leaps and bounds in the last 20 years. Quickey Locksmith, a licensed, bonded, and insured local company, employs expert servicemen who are well versed and experienced in setting up and installing high security and high-tech locks. When a customer pays over a hundred dollars for a high-tech maximum-security lock, they do not want an amateur to install it and possibly cause damage or not properly set up, causing some of the features they paid for to not work. Because of this, we have provided training for all our servicemen so they can become experts in new lock technology before serving the first customer.

Commercial Electronic Door Lock

The Electronic Locks category covers a wide variety of locks. Ranging from basic smart technology to biometric, voice controlled, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa compatible, Nest locks, coded entry, card entry, app from your phone entry, locks with cameras, locks connected to the alarm system and more. These are usually the favorites for Airbnb’s, hotels, and of course residential homes. We provide setup and installation for all of them for commercial and residential use.

High Security Door Lock For Commercial Properties

For commercial use, high security locks are a must. Criminals have more motive to break into a business than a home, and if everyone else has high security and you have an easily penetrable lock, you are an easy target. There are many affordable options including high security push / panic bars, deadbolts and latches, smart systems, and more. We offer consultations where we will inspect your locks and see if they need repair as sometimes, they may be sticky from dirt inside or a spring needs fixing, or if they need replacement, we can show you options as well as pricing.

Other Business Security Solutions

Often, locks can have increased security cheaply and do not have to be replaced. If you are not ready to upgrade to high security locks, we can install security plates for reinforcement, Z brackets, and more if your lock is in good condition and you would just like to boost your security at a low cost. Contact us for more information!

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