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What Rekey Service Is and How It Can Help You

Most consumers are unaware that there can often be an effective and cheaper alternative to lock change. Rekeying is when you change the key while preserving the lock itself. Rekeying cand be performed on residential, commercial, and automotive locks.

When is a rekey a good idea?

There are so many examples, but we will outline a few:
• You have several keys that open each lock in your home, and it is, frustrating, time consuming, and risky because you only have one key for each lock. We can rekey your locks to all use the same key.
• Your lock is in good condition, but you lost a key or just moved in, and an undesired person may have access to your home.
• You just switched tenants and for their security, you need to make sure the previous occupant does not have a working key to their home.
• You had to evict a tenant or fire an employee and need to make sure the previous employee or tenant no longer has access to the home or business.
• You changed your car ignition and now the door, trunk, and glove compartment keys do not match the ignition key.
• Someone stole your car key, or you lost a car key.

How much does a rekey service cost?

The cost greatly varies depending on what is being rekeyed. For standard house locks it is between $25 per cylinder to $100 per cylinder depending. For commercial rekey we offer discounts on large quantities of locks that need rekeying, but they are generally more than residential as the commercial locks are more complex. Automotive rekey depends very much upon the model and year of the car.

How long does rekey service take?

Most jobs will be complete within 30 minutes. In some cases, the locks are more complex, and it can take up to 6 hours. If it is a large operation of rekey for many locks it will of course take longer.
We hope this post has been helpful to explain to you what a rekey service is and how it can help you. Call us any time and any day to learn more and get a price quote to rekey your locks.

Who are we?

Quickey Locksmith is a local, licensed, bonded, and insured locksmith service providing automotive, residential, and commercial locksmith services in the Charleston Metro Area. All our services are performed at the customers location and convenience as we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are fully mobile. From lost car keys to large commercial operations, we have got your lock and key needs covered from A to Z. All our services and parts are guaranteed for 30 days. As a business that is committed to providing honest and transparent service, when you call us, you will always get ETA and price estimate before a locksmith comes to your location. We encourage you to read our reviews and ask around the community about our past services.