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Car Key Replacement In Folly Beach

We are often asked by prospective customers how the process works if they need their car key replaced. We decided to write about a job we did to help people learn more about how car key replacement by a professional locksmith works.

Yesterday we received a call from a customer who had lost his only Chevy Camaro 2014 car key in Folly Beach. He needed a key replacement right away because he had to get to work in the next hour. He had called the dealership and learned that they would require him to tow the car, pay a fortune, and they would need the car for at least a day. Being in a hurry and wanting to save money, he called Quickey Locksmith.

What Happened After Calling a Locksmith in Folly Beach

We gave him a price quote over the phone and ETA of 34 minutes. He agreed to the price and asked if he can pay by credit card as he had no cash. We responded that of course we take credit, debit, or cash. The locksmith arrived at his location in 36 minutes and asked to see proof of ownership before making the key for the customer. The proof was license and registration. All matched, so the locksmith set to work and cut and programmed him a new car key from the VIN number in 6 minutes. Took payment and the customer was on his way in a total of 45 minutes from the time he called us. He called back this morning and asked if he could get a 2nd key made so he will have a spare key, and could we come to Mount Pleasant where he works. Since we are 100% mobile, we said of course we can go to Mount Pleasant, quoted him a price, he agreed. The locksmith went to his location and made him a 2nd key. The locksmith also informed him that if he would like a 2nd spare, the 2nd key is 50% off. He did want the 2nd spare, so the locksmith made him another key in 10 minutes.

We hope you found this brief sample of a job to be informative and answer your questions. Some additional questions we often get are:
Can we do push to start keys?

Can we do push to start keys?
Can we do 2021 keys?
Can we do European car keys?
Yes, we can.
What are our hours?
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.