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What is Transponder Key

Transponder keys have enhanced security by a lot. Have you heard about it but you’re not quite sure about the features of this key? Well, let’s get you educated about transponder keys. To begin with, the key is no less than a cutting-edge gadget. The elementary technical aspect involves the transfer of radio-signal. There are usually two-pieces of the device working in coordination. First, there’s a handheld item that emits the radio signal followed by a remote device that receives the signal.

Who Made Transponder Keys?

Transponder keys are mostly factory made accessories. For instance, the pair of keys that comes  with your car. The technology first took shape in the year 1995. Since then it’s only evolved, paving the way for the very advanced transponder keys. It primarily functions to guarantee optimum security. The driving technology behind these keys is programmed in a way that automobile giants and insurance big guns reckon vehicles paired with these keys as theft-proof. In a nutshell, it virtually makes it impossible for a car to be stolen, unless towed completely. Quick advice – there’s always a flip side to a coin. To avoid the trouble of a complex technical glitch, ensure that you have a minimum of two keys.

Detailed Insight on Transponder Keys:

Transponder is a combination of two words – “TRANSMITTER” and “RESPONDER.” This gadget functions on the working of two radio frequency devices. Electric signals transmitted by one device hits another, thereby kick-starting the process. Wondering where could you possibly find a transmitter in your car? Before helping you spot one, let’s explain what a transmitter is and how does it work in the transponder accessories. Transmitters are nothing but minute micro-chips embedded with a unique serial number. It is mostly found in the plastic part of the key. Wondering what the purpose of having a serial number is? Well, during the primary stages of programming, this serial number and set and brought into play. Now, going back to the question – where can you find a transmitter fitted in your car? Usually, the chip device is set-up close to the ignition button. That is the receiver. When the key is plugged in the switch, it sends out a very low-level signal. This signal is detected by the receiver in the vehicle, making it a piece of pie to turn on and rev that engine. The built-in computerized system of the vehicle is programmed to receive signals from the designated and authorized transponder key only. In case the computer fails to recognize the signal, your vehicle will not start and neither will any other operation.

Transponder Key Programming

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