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Top Reasons Why You Need To Change Your Front Door Locks

Every lock will break down, or get stuck, and not turn anymore eventually. Most of the time it’s cheaper to repair your lock (especially if it’s an expensive one), than replace it. Here are a few of the most common reasons we recommend lock repair over replacement:

Warped Locks

Warped locks usually happen due to extreme weather conditions like too much humidity, excessive cold, or extreme heat. When there is abnormal weather temperature, it can change the shape and size of the locks. The necessary lock repair isn’t a complicated one, but it requires a skillful locksmith to do it correctly.

Keys That Don’t Lock Doors

This is also a common problem. If your key can fit into the lock and turn the door but doesn’t unlock it, then that is a major lock problem. The main causes are displaced parts inside the lock. The best way to solve this issue is to replace the inner parts of the lock or to completely change it. We have the necessary tools and skills to address this problem.

Lock Change Near Me

Keys That Don’t Turn Or Fit

There are also cases when the key fits but doesn’t turn the lock. When this happens, it can only mean that there are obstructions inside the lock like dust and dirt. One way to solve the issue is to lubricate the lock. However, if lubrication doesn’t work on your locks, we are always available to help you here at Quickey Locksmith Charleston.