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The Importance of Panic Bar To Business

A typical handle you see on commercial doors, a panic bar or a push bar is the horizontal metal that runs across doors. It is usually located in the middle where you can easily notice and reach. It is placed on doors so that anyone can get out of the office or building fast. Panic bars make it convenient to open doors, especially when persons find it difficult to open doorknobs. You only need to push them when you go out, hence the name push bar. Aside from push bars, panic bars are also called as crash bars, exit devices, and panic devices. They are locked from the outside, but they allow you to open the door when you need to go out of the property. Business owners opt for panic bars so that clients won’t trample each other in cases of emergencies. Since they open from the inside, you are assured that no one can easily break into your building once the situation is under control. There are times when panic bars are connected to security alarms. You can see a sign telling you that an alarm will turn on if the door is intentionally opened. Depending on the chosen security system, the alarms on the panic bars can either send notifications to the property’s security personnel or alarm the local authorities like the police and firefighters. These security measures make a huge difference in keeping your commercial property well protected.


How Push Bar Benefits Your Business

When emergencies arise, people tend to lose their composure and just think of how to get out the situation safe and alive. As a result, there are casualties or worse fatalities that could have been avoided. Due to these factors, panic devices like panic bars (push bars) have been a great asset for convenient and fast evacuation. They make sure that people can get out of the building safely when the situation calls for it. Aside from that, panic bars offer affordability and competence, as well as help lessen the insurance rates. With security alarms, panic bars also ensure that your property and everything in it is protected from unlawful break-ins.

Panic Bar Installation in Charleston

Call For Panic Bar Installation or Repair in Charleston, SC

Do you want panic bars in your commercial properties? If you want to have this security feature without wasting money, then you should do things the proper way. It means that you must hire the services of licensed and insured locksmiths. They know what panic bars are, and they know how to install the devices the correct way. It also helps to choose the locksmith company or agency with good reviews to ensure credibility and high-quality of work. Don’t go for the cheapest services. It’s best to go for reasonable prices, but where you are assured top-notch services. With that, we are your best choice. We offer panic bar installation and other locksmith services for your commercial properties in the Charleston area.